Clients often turn to Update Discovery’s managed review service to help make productions accurate, on time and within budget. Unlike the old staffing model, our project managers and review managers use reviewer metrics and unique case-specific aids as a lever to drive productivity and reduce the error rate among our review teams.

Our Managed Review Services

  • Full initial workflow design and day-to-day execution-oriented project management
  • Integrated metrics and case status reporting
  • Assistance with document production, including production strategies
  • Attorneys with experience and legal expertise in such practice specialties as Antitrust, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy and Securities Law
  • Foreign language document review/translation in over 20 different languages
  • Defensible Quality Control Process throughout the entire project to ensure accuracy, productivity and significantly minimize errors
  • Review managers assigned to each project to monitor productivity and accuracy throughout the review
  • Project managers (all former attorneys) assigned to each project who have a full understanding of case facts, which allows for the proper training of your dedicated review team
  • Our project spaces are highly secure and we have disabled USB drives, CD/DVD and the ability to save documents locally at your request and the capability to use personal mobile devices
  • Additionally, all review spaces are equipped with security cameras, building security, identification cards, key fob cards and cell phone lockers

Our Project Management Team

We have redefined the role of Project Manager in discovery and it is no longer about providing status updates without any real value. Our project managers, the people who are responsible for the day-to-day execution of our client’s projects, use metrics and other tools to actively maintain a high level of quality control and reviewer productivity.
Our project managers are responsible for:

  • Meeting all deadlines associated with the project
  • Communicating with client regarding delivery and loading of data
  • Keeping the client informed on a daily basis of any new developments
  • Ensuring that document reviewers are maintaining a high level of productivity and accuracy
  • Overseeing the comings and goings of the reviewers and making recommendations on staffing needs
  • Maintaining issue logs
  • Creating defensibility binders
  • Analyzing and delivering customized metrics that provide valuable information regarding the review